Aug 19 2015


I am so excited to finally share my new original comedic song and video – NETFLIXION!

A comedic story about the relatable and somewhat embarrassing indulgence we have with consuming bottomless Netflix content. Netflix binge watchers unite! Netflixion was produced by Ryan Snow and Niko the Kid for Big Snow Entertainment. The music video was produced by myself and the amazing team at Bed Head Media. Huge shoutout to LOUD for their support in making this video!

Thank you for all of the love and support leading up to this day. This is a dream come true for me and I am humbled, grateful and love all of you. I would LOVE for you to help share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

I am excited to announce that my new original comedic song and video will be releasing on Wednesday, August 19th! The title of the song is…


Have you ever binge watched a Netflix show to the point where you’ve gone cross eyed? Have you ever contemplated whether you should do something with your life or hit next episode for the 15th time? Would you take Netflix as the one item you could have on a deserted island? Is Netflix BAE? Would you judge me if I said I’m guilty of all of these? WOULD YOU? Netflixion is a real diagnosable condition people! It’s so real I wrote a song about it!

Huge shoutouts to the amazing team at Bed Head Media​ for producing my video and also to my music producer Ryan Snow​ with Big Snow Entertainment​. I would love for you to help me spread the word! Peace and love!



Jul 3 2015

New Music Update!

My original comedic song video shoot is a wrap! I am so grateful for Phil Stevens and the Bed Head Media team! Also special shout out to my producer Ryan Snow for all of his hard work. I can’t wait to share this new music with you in the near future!

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Here are a few pics from the video shoot:



I am so excited to announce that I have new music coming soon! I will be releasing an original comedic song paired with a video in the near future. I can’t wait to share this music with you! More details to come!

Shout-out to my producer extraordinaire Ryan Snow and my video producer Phil Stevens and the entire Bed Head Media crew!

(Photo credit: Matt Hardy Photography)


Feb 19 2014

A heartfelt thank you

I’d just like to take a second and say thank you to all who have viewed, shared, commented and encouraged me on the “Blurred Lines” parody – “Church Signs.” I am grateful for all of you…including all new visitors to my page! I love making people laugh…and I hope to continue doing so as long as I have breath.

I also have a self titled original album that I released recently. It was a very personal endeavor and shares much of my story through song. I love connecting with people who share how a song impacted them, made them feel like they were not alone, made them smile, made them think etc. I’d love for you to check it out and give it a listen on iTunes. Thanks again for the support!

You can listen to and download the album here:

Peace and love